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The White Lady of Balete Drive is the name of several spirits that have occupied and haunted Balete Drive, particularly at it's intersection with 13th Street.

Character history[]

Alexander Trese has noted that it has been haunting the street even before him, writing down many reports about the entity in his journals. In some of them, the white lady waits for an unsuspecting taxi to ride in. After getting in and driving to her stated location, the driver would look at the backseat only to find the entity disappearing. Questioning the tenants of the address she specified, describing her appearance would often lead into conversations about a long dead resident of the street. Alexander had previously tried to contact the entity only to accidentally summon a peaceful diwata from a nearby balete tree. The being claimed to have tried to pacify the white lady, but to no avail. He surmised that the balete trees lining the road make it a nexus between the Underworld and Terra Mundo and may fuel an intense psychic connection between the spirit and the ghost.[1]

The earliest known human to take the role of the white lady was Gina Santos, who died on the street in a car accident in 1963. Soon after, she is made corporal by Ms. De La Rosa, trapping her spirit in a circle of ground mermaid bones in the middle of Balete Drive. Gina is then killed for a second time, after a surprised driver hits her. The Underworld, naturally seeking balance, takes Ms. De La Rosa's life in an accidental fire that engulfs her house, making her the next spirit linked to the road.[2]