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Book 1-3 filbars dust jackets

Trese is a horror/crime comics title created by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldissimo. It follows the story of Alexandra Trese, a mysterious detective that deals with crimes of supernatural origin occurring mainly in Manila, the capital region of the Philippines. Trese was first published in ashcan or photocopied format in 2005, and is currently published as a series of four black and white graphic novels by Visual Print Enterprises under the Alamat Comics imprint since 2008.

Trese Books

Trese Book 1: Murder On Balete Drive

Book 1 introduces us to Alexandra Trese, her twin half-breed bodyguards, her allies in the local police force Capt. Guerrero and Sgt. Tapia, and Hank the bartender at the Diabolical. Trese gets involved in 4 cases: the murder of a ghost; drag racing and kidnapping involving a tikbalang; a tragic love story that ended in soul trading and a great fire; and a case that served as Budjette Tan's tribute to one of the most popular superhero icons in Philippine comics.

Trese Book 2: Unreported Murders

Book 2 features once again, 4 stand-alone cases involving Alexandra Trese and her crew: the murder of an actress/superstar and her patron duwende, a zombie attack in the Manila North Cemetery, unreported murders in a mall involving tiyanaks, and human sacrifice in exchange for good fortune in a quaint village in the metro.

Trese Book 3: Mass Murders

Book 3 is the award winning volume of Trese which deviates from the usual format of stand alone stories and instead, featured an over-arching story divided into 5 cases. The story flashes back to the past, in the years when Trese was 15 and 18 years old, and tells of the origin of the Kambal, Trese's twin half-breed bodyguards. In this book, Trese is seen with her father, Anton Trese, and we get to meet Trese's tribe of hunters, fighters and protectors of Manila against the Underworld. The story also jumps back to the present where Trese fights a formidable foe from the past.

Trese Book 4: Last Seen After Midnight

Book 4 returns to the stand alone stories and features 4 new cases: a serial killer seemingly strangled by plant like creatures in Luneta, a case where Trese tries to prevent a gang war between Aswangs and Manananggals but ends up fighting a ruthless hunter, the strange deaths of students living along Katipunan avenue, and a story where Trese steps out of Manila to witness a fight in General Santos City.

Trese Book 5: Midnight Tribunal

Book 5 features 4 new cases.

Trese Book 6: High Tide at Midnight

Book 6 features a more serialized format akin to book 3, wherein one overarching story is divided according to several chapters.

Trese Spin-offs

Stories from the Diabolical


Come in!

Come in!

Welcome to the Diabolical!

This is where we'll be telling all the other stories and mysteries of Alexandra Trese.

Grab a seat, order a drink from Hank the Bartender, don't mind the twins at the end of the bar --they're harmless, unless you're a bloodthirsty aswang.

Precinto 13

The night shift arrives at the precinto.

Phones start ringing like an unholy choir;
a walkie-talkie crackles and a voice from beyond
tells them of the work ahead.

There's been a shoot-out, a stabbing,
a body that's been tied-up and burned,
a man with no head.
a woman with no internal organs.

They grab their badges, their bullets and guns,
and more importantly, their anting-anting.

It's going to be another long night.

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