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"All the train stations of the MRT are suddenly visited by ghosts of the brutally murdered. All except for the 13th station.

There is a secret restaurant owned by an aswang chef, who serves the most unique people as one-of-a-kind dishes.

An ancient chest containing an imprisoned entity has been unlocked.

A 1,000 year old church hides a piece of Philippine history that has been erased from human memory.

Only the shadows of these locations will serve as witnesses to the crimes and the transgressions.

When these mysteries become deadly and threatening, the authorities call the one named Trese."

Trese: Shadow Witness (stylized as TRESE: Shadow Witness) is the seventh book in the award-winning Trese series, featuring four stand-alone cases. It was released on September 11, 2019, continuing the series after a five year hiatus.[1]

The book also contains the following:

  • Foreword by Ian Sta Maria, author and artist of Salamangka and co-creator of Skyworld.
  • Essay by Mervin Ignacio, co-creator of Skyworld.
  • Afterword by Budjette Tan detailing the events that happened during the long gap between the release of books 6 and 7, including the announcement of the Netflix anime adaptation.
  • From Script to Final Page section containing the page 1 script, layout, sketches and final page 1 artwork by Kajo.
  • Sketchbook section showing Jimmy Trese's character design with notes by Kajo.
  • Evolution of the Cover section, showing the cover creation process by Kajo.

Publication history[]

Two cases from the book had already been published beforehand; Thirteen Stations was released with the Jessica Hagedorn-edited anthology Manila Noir on July 2013[2] and in Abangan on March 2014[3], and Table for Three was released as an ashcan in Komikon 2016[4].

Two days prior to the book's release, Budjette Tan started distributing vertical snippets of a page from The Madrid Gig to various fans in the Trese Facebook group for them to assemble, but a final piece for the page was never released because it failed to go through.[5] It was eventually published by Visprint on September 11, 2019 in that year's Manila International Book Fair, held at SMX Convention Center.[1]

A second edition was released by Avenida Books on October 29, 2021.[6] It featured an updated cover as well as very minor changes to the interior art.[7] This edition had a digital relaunch event on National Book Store's Facebook page on November 21, 2021.[8] Viewers of the online discussion, which included a panel with Budjette and Kajo, were automatically entered in a raffle to win a copy of a book as well as a custom dust jacket sketched by Kajo during the event.[9]




  • This book introduces a new naming scheme of including the word "shadow" in the title, which is followed by the eighth book. The ninth book will also follow this naming scheme, forming a "trilogy" much like Book 1-3's "murder" trilogy and Book 4-6's "midnight" trilogy.