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"12 midnight at Metro Manila.

Try to remain calm if you suddenly spot a tikbalang speeding down EDSA or a manananggal swooping across the Makati skyline. While partying at the Fort, never ever let the enkanto at the bar buy you a drink.

Yet there are deadlier things that walk the streets of this city.

One of them now demands blood and sacrifice.

When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Trese."

Trese: Mass Murders (stylized as TRESE: Mass Murders) is the third volume of the main Trese series which won the 29th National Book Award for Best Graphic Literature. It contains an overarching storyline divided into five cases and the following:

  • Introduction by Mark Gatela, who is Budjette Tan's co-writer in a horror radio show "The World of the Unknown." He is credited for coming up with the name Anton Trese.
  • Afterword by writer and creator Budjette Tan, detailing snippets of the script for Case 1 and the origin of this volume's story.
  • The original pitch presented to co-creator Kajo Baldisimo.
  • Sketches and character designs by Kajo Baldisimo.
  • A note from award-winning fantasy writer Neil Gaiman.
  • A new Exhibit 13 gallery featuring illustrations, fan pin-ups and cosplay pictures.

Publication history[]

Trese: Mass Murders was first published by Visprint, Inc in October 2009.[1]. It was then launched at the Summer Komikon 2009, where they sold out 180 copies in two hours after the gates opened.[2]

A 15 page preview of the book was uploaded to the Trese blogspot on October 31, 2009 as a Halloween treat.[3]

In October 2013, the book was collected together with Trese: Murder on Balete Drive and Trese: Unreported Murders into a hardcover omnibus entitled Trese: Book of Murders, with digitally updated artwork and other bonus content.

In June 2021, Avenida books published reprints of Trese: Mass Murders prior to the release of the Netflix animated series adaptation of Trese. The new edition contains the updated artwork previously only available in the Trese: Book of Murders collection, as well as very minor redraws by Baldisimo.[4] It also contains the following changes / additions:

  • An addendum was added to Budjette Tan's original afterword.
  • Some of the original sketches and character designs by Baldisimo were removed to make room for two essays from Shanty Harmayn and Tanya Yuson, executive producers of the Trese anime series.

On September 2021, Ablaze Publishing published the international edition on print and digital platforms.[5] The international edition will contain all the content of the Visprint and Avenida editions, as well as the Professor Alexander Trese journals previously exclusive to Trese: Book of Murders. Some journal entries, the segben entry in particular, were expanded upon in this edition.

On March 23, 2002, Star Comics published an Italian translation of the book titled Trese: Omicidi Di Massa.[6]


  • Visprint edition, published in 2009
  • Avenida edition, published in 2021. This edition includes updated artwork and a new afterword from Budjette Tan.
  • Ablaze edition, published in 2021. This edition is similar to the Avenida edition, but features a red version of the original's cover and includes interstitial entries from Alexander Trese's journals, which were originally included in Trese: Book of Murders.
    • A variant cover drawn by Miguel Mercado for this edition was made exclusive to Sanctum Sanctorum Comics and Comic Odyssey. The cover features Alexandra Trese with the Kambal and a balete tree in the background in sepia tones. It is set for release on December 15 by Sanctum Sanctorum and January 5 through Comic Oddyssey.
    • Another variant drawn by Manix Abrera was also made available in Sanctum Sanctorum Comics and Comic Odyssey. The cover is stylized to resemble a tarot card, with Alexandra and the Kambal mirrored on both sides and a mananaggal, tikbalang, nuno and aswang in the corners. It is set for release on December 15 by Sanctum Sanctorum and January 5 through Comic Oddyssey.



  • In November 2010, the book won Best Graphic Literature in the 29th National Book Awards.[7]
  • The Avenida edition was third in National Bookstore's bestsellers of July[8] and August 2021.[9]
  • The Avenida edition was also one of Fully Booked's bestsellers in July 2021.[9]


  • This book follows the first and second book's naming scheme of including the word "murder" in the title.
  • Manix Abrera's variant cover for the Ablaze edition features a tarot card numbered as the thirteenth. which is coincidentally the tarot card for death. It also features inscriptions in Baybayin; going clockwise from the upper left, they say itinakda, kapalaran, lihim and tadhana.