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Talagbusao is a Bukidnon war god and father to the Kambal.

He is the primary antagonist of Trese: Mass Murders.

Character history[]

Early years[]

Talagbusao was once worshipped in Bukidnon, invoked through sacrificial offerings like fowl, pigs, or people.[1]

He was summoned to Terra Mundo by the Skeleton Crew through a spell they learned from a farmer. They used rebels they held captive, blindfolding them and making them fight each other. Once a lone rebel, Ramona, remained the sole survivor of the fight, he appeared and took a liking to her. With his powers, he possessed the Skeleton Crew and made them kill each other as well as destroy every rebel outpost in sight, bringing Ramona with them. During this time, he and Ramona conceived twins. After the Skeleton Crew's bloodlust dwindled down, he left them at a burned village before dawn.[2]

The Fort Bonifacio Massacre[]

He was once again summoned by Ramona in Fort Bonifacio through performing the same ritual, this time with General Wilson Hidalgo's men. As Hidalgo was rampaging against Ramona's men, he manifested and swiftly finished the battle. After greeting Ramona by tasting her blood, he discovered his children, which he immediately tried to eat in order to secure his permanence on Terra Mundo.[3]

He first tried to go for Basilio but was distracted by Crispin, whom he knocked aside. Ramona tried to defend her children but Talagbusao immediately killed her by throwing a knife into her torso. This gave Crispin enough time to shoot at Talagbusao's hand, freeing his brother. The two children both fought Talagbusao, overwhelming him with gunfire.[3]

A car suddenly appeared from the ground, ramming into Talagbusao while he was distracted. While he was momentarily knocked out, Anton Trese and Alexandra Trese emerged from the car, with the latter trying to go after Crispin and Basilio. Talagbusao regained consciousness but was swarmed by black flying creatures summoned by Anton, blinding him. He used his sense of smell to find Anton and shot at him.[3]

The police came and immediately opened fire against Talagbusao, giving Alexandra ample time to get Anton and the children to safety in the duwende tunnels. During this, Talagbusao quickly overwhelmed the police force, reveling in the battle. Alexandra tried to help by summoning three Santelmo, but Talagbusao merely wrestled with them. As he burned from the Santelmo's fire, his thrill for battle was heightened.[3]

Alexandra ordered for the police to cease fire, and Talagbusao threatened to launch an offensive. Suddenly, the ground opened up from beneath him, plunging him into the depths of the duwende tunnels. With no one to fight, he was temporarily banished from the realm.[3]

Talagbusao's Return[]

One of the survivors of the Skeleton Crew's massacre, Corporal Raul Lanares, told his brother General Ramon Lanares about the ritual to summon Talabusao. Fueled by the unfair fate of his brother and the corruption Sancho Santamaria and his friends pushed for, Ramon plotted to use Talagbusao to topple the government.

After Ramon used the ritual he learned to summon Talagbusao, he was immediately possesed by the wargod. As Ramon, Talagbusao went to meet Sancho in his cell. Feeding Sancho his blood, he also possessed the ex-mayor and used him as a proxy to incite chaos inside the prison. Manipulating Sancho and the other prisoners, he orchestrated an eight-day riot inside the prison.

He was also behind the theft of a supply truck containing explosives, which were then given to possessed inmates like Ian Solomon, Kenbhoy Calzada and Marvin Ignacio to act as suicide bombers.

While all of this was going on, he fronted as the leader of the officers trying to mitigate the riots. His men were fed on sandwiches said to be from the local parish, but were actually contaminated with Sancho's blood. Alexandra Trese met with him here, bringing him information on the bombers and how they were killed inmates from the prison. After ordering an officer to make sure all the bodies recovered from the prison were dead, he explained his frustrations with the status quo to Alexandra.

Sancho and the inmates bursted out of the prison, storming the military outpost. Ramon confronted Sancho, but the ex-mayor revealed that the military have ingested his blood through the sandwiches, making them possessed by Talagbusao as well. Alexandra intervened with the help of Maliksi. Iglap, Hannah and Ammie, though Bagyon Lektro came in late to join Sancho's side and evened the playing field.

With the additional help of the Kambal and lamang lupa, Lektro was dispelled and Sancho was restrained. At this point, Ramon completely lost control of his body and became fully possesed by Talagbusao. The wargod started fighting off the Kambal, throwing the Sinag away and engaging with Alexandra. While this happened, Alexandra drew a giant Dragon's Gate sigil under the both of them. Talagbusao fully manifested in Ramon's body and held Alexandra hostage, forcing the Kambal to surrender. Still, Alexandra called for them to open fire, injuring her in the process.

Talagbusao reveled in bloodlust and consumed her blood, unknowingly activating the Dragon's Gate under them. The Kambal swooped in to save her, leaving Talagbusao to fall through the portal to be trapped inside Eternos, the video game on Jobert's computer. In the computer, his bloodlust is perpetually satiated by the hordes of player characteres duking it out within the game. This satisfies the conditions for him to stay inside the video game's realm, effectively trapping him inside as long as the fight doesn't end.


He appears as a very large and muscular man with red skin stained by the blood of his enemies, and covered in tattoos. He also wears a loincloth, vest, and headdress.


As a war god, he has superhuman strength, endurance and healing factor, as well as proficiency in combat with various weapons and firearms. He is shown to have invulnerability to fire and heightened senses, able to rely on his sense of smell as reliably as his sight.[4]

His presence can be summoned through a ritual that pits a number of warriors against each other while blindfolded until only one remains. A host is chosen, who can then let others be possessed as well by making them eat the aforementioned host's flesh and blood.[5] This allows Talagbusao to bestow his abilities to them at a limited capacity. He can only stay in a realm as long as he remains in combat. However, he can circumvent this in a ritual that involves eating his children's hearts after they have fed on human hearts.[2]


  • Budjette Tan referenced Talagbusao's description from The Soul Book, where he is state to be able to possess warriors while also driving them insane of bloodlust.[6]