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Susan Bagyo was the fifth of Dr. Karl Burgos' six victims. At her residence in Paco, she was found burned to death on her bed.

Character History[]

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Susan lived in Julio Nakpil Street in Paco, Manila with her cat. She was last seen leaving a party in Makati with Karl, ready to have a one night stand with him. As they have sex, Assu Ang's eldritch fire combusts her body in a sacrifice imposed on her by Karl. The fire kills her while keeping her room intact, leaving her cat with no owner. Alexandra Trese brings her cat to Manang Muning, who uses the cat's information to find the missing Karl.


  • The victim's name, Susan Bagyo, is a reference to Marvel Comics' character Susan "Sue" Storm aka Invisible girl of the Fantastic Four, and sister of the Human Torch, Johnny Storm.