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Spencer "Spunky" Hontiveros is the chief medical examiner of Manila City Morgue and an ally of Alexandra Trese.

Character history[]

Spunky was born to surgeon parents. His father hoped that Spunky would be a heart surgeon like him, or a brain surgeon like his mother. During medical school, he was assigned to morgue duty and fell in love with the serenity of the profession, which resulted in him being a mortician against the wishes of his father. He earned the nickname Spunky during medical school, and it has stuck with him ever since.[1]

At some point in his career, his encounters with the supernatural lead him to report peculiar cases directly to Alexandra Trese.

He received the cadavers of Fortunato Alvares, Jonjon del Mundo and Bianca Rivera, observing that they all died in Livewell Village, annually, and had a similar looking sigil burned by the electrical discharge.[2]

He went to a medical examiner's convention in Las Vegas, funded by his father. During this time, five cases of sexagenarians dying at 4:44 p.m. in Robertson Mall's Cinema 4 would occur over the course of three months. Upon his arrival, the similar deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Villaroman, aged 64 and 66, would compel him to make the connection. Sensing the involvement of supernatural factors, he called Alexandra.[1]

Eventually, the corpse of Melchor Policarpio arrived to the morgue. Upon observing the sigil and death location some of the older cadavers from Livewell Village, he called Alexandra and informed her of the problem.[2]

Some time later, his morgue was invaded by a gang of calag, ebwa and wirwir, who knocked him unconscious and made off with some of the morgue's cadavers. Fortunately, they were stopped by Alexandra Trese, the Kambal and Maverick Rider.[3]

One day, the splattered remains of three women were brought to Spunky's morgue, noted for having very worn out feet. Some time later, Carlos brought the corpse of a creature and a few pills to his morgue, telling Spunky that the creature ingested the pills and transformed into a more powerful version of themselves.[4]

He took photographs to document the body and called it a siokoy, but Rick Trese corrected him, saying that it is a taga-dagat. The two, along with Captain Guerrero and Alexandra Trese, analyzed the corpse as well as the pills, eventually determining it to be a newly circulating drug known as Shift Pills. Guerrero brought up a case involving three women taking the drug, suddenly disappearing outside of a club and having their bodies be found splattered on a wall all the way across the city. Spunky recognized the case and showed the remains, which helped Alexandra and Rick identify that the women acquired the speed of a tikbalang but were unable to control it, rammed into a wall and killed themselves.[4]


He frequently receives cadavers whose deaths were caused by supernatural means, which he reports to Alexandra Trese. He is also familiar with ghosts due to his career and experience with the supernatural, learning how to deal with them in most cases.[1]

As a mortician, he is proficient in determining causes of death. He is also observant of minute details that signify the involvement of supernatural forces. His hobby is documenting cadavers by taking pictures of them.[2]