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A spirit, soul or kaluluwa is the embodiment of a living entity's consciousness regardless of the presence of a mortal body.



Spirits are separated from their bodies after death but can either stay willingly[1] or have a psychic link that binds them to a specific place.[2]

Spirits are also known to be in Skyworld, manifesting on the branches of balete trees when a potential babaylan is undergoing one of their final trials, lending them help in learning healing spells for three days and three nights.[2]


Primarily, spirits reside on Terra Mundo in a separate plane referred to as the spirit world, invisible to most beings. Spirits of deceased people sometimes appear the way they looked at their time of death, albeit very briefly.[3]

In these brief appearances, they can also trigger other senses such as smell and touch, even going so far as to accidentally kill civilians present if the premise of the soul's death applies. An example of this would be a soul that died in a fire appearing to a civilian, accidentally burning them as well. However, their appearance cannot be directly recorded through digital means.[3] Benevolent or neutral spirits can be easily led into a location with the use of a spool of white thread, which a spirit would follow from one end to the other.[4]

A direct way for a person to access visibility of the spirit world is through a spell.


Though incorporeal, they can be trapped and made mortal again within a circle of salt or, more effectively, ground mermaid bones. A second chance at mortality can also be achieved through other powerful magicks, like a deal with the Oriol.[5]


They can be offered as sacrifices to supernatural entities, from Skyworld[6] and Underworld[5] alike, often fueling them with power. Interestingly, sacrifices have shown to leave the sigil of the tribe invoked on the corpse of the offering.[6] As such, soul trafficking has become a big problem in Terra Mundo[5] and sacrifices have been banned and closely monitored by Alexandra Trese.

Afterworld and second death[]

When souls of deceased people decide to leave Terra Mundo and pass on, they are known to proceed to the Afterworld, also referred to as Progression or "the other side". Souls are usually ferried by Ibu's taga-sundo on the MRT, following the path of Ibu's river into the Afterworld.[3] Some souls can choose to stay behind instead[1] but spirits who reject going into the Afterworld can forget what and who their were except for their last emotions and memories before death.[4]

Once made mortal, they can die a second death if killed through physical means.[7] Special blades like Sinag can also cut spirit's incorporeal flesh, but they slowly grow back over long periods of time.[1]


Spirits have been shown as being able to be summoned through a spell; living,[8] catatonic,[9] or dead,[10] through a special ritual. Multiple members of the Trese family have conducted this spell, though the aid of a blade like Sinag is used when the spirit's name is unknown.