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The Sinag is the kris that was forged from the soul of Anton Trese and Miranda Trese's stillborn fifth child. Currently, the blade is wielded by Alexandra Trese, who uses it as a physical weapon and as a medium to casts spells with.


When the Trese's fifth child was stillborn, Professor Alexander Trese asked the fastest tikbalang to bring her corpse to the Metalero. The Babaylan of Makiling assisted the blacksmith as he forged her innocent soul into a kris so pure that it shone like the sun, naming her the Sinag. Her twin sister, Alexandra, would go on to fulfill her responsibility as the Babaylan-Mandirigma.[1]

According to Miranda, if her daughter lived, she would have shared the responsibilities of healer and warrior with Alexandra.[2]

At the time of Alexandra's 18th birthday, the Sinag, along with the Cloak of Takipsilim, was given to Alexandra for her to use in the Great Balete Tree Trials. After being lost for three years in the Great Balete Tree, Alexandra continued wielding the Sinag in her responsilbilities as the Babaylan-Mandirigma of Manila.[1]

She would often appear in Alexandra's dreams. In one dream, they met and continued their talk from a dream before. They laughed about something but cried about their mom as well as having disagreements about their dad. Alexandra woke up not remembering a single word from their conversation. In another dream, they celebrated her birthday. Sinag was very happy to see everyone at her party. Alexandra woke up, sweating, as if she spent the whole night in the furnace, akin to that of Sinag's experience. Alexandra would often tell Rick of these dreams via postcards.[3]

Carlos can also communicate with the Sinag. During the battle in Barangay Pacifica, Carlos called out to the Sinag to save him when he was being drowned by Rakuda[4]



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Sinag is shown to have capabilities in magicks, and is a vital component in Alexandra's spells throughout the series.

Other Magicks[]

Magical Potency[]

It is said that the Sinag is more powerful than the force of an avalanche.[5] This gives the blade the power to inflict pain on beings like lightning elementals[5] and individuals powered by magicks like Adarna warriors.[6] It is also capable of injuring incorporeal beings like spirits.[7] This strength also extends to physical objects, with the blade being powerful enough to cut through steel.[8]


A tiny version of Sinag can be separated from the main one, functioning as a compass that will point to where the main blade is. Tiny Sinag can also be clutched to induce pain on whoever is stabbed by the main Sinag.[6]

Verbal Command[]

The Sinag has been shown to be able to follow verbal instructions, returning to the grip of someone calling for it. The reason for this is unclear; it could either be an inherent property of the blade or a sentience exhibited by the soul forged inside. Only Carlos Trese has shown to be able to do this; Alexandra has yet to demonstrate this ability.[9]


  • The Sinag was shown to be able to duplicate into two separate kris in older versions of The Outpost on Kalayaan Street, particularly during Alexandra's fight with the zombie horde. This was later retconned in the Ablaze edition of Trese: Unreported Murders, where the second kris is no longer present.
  • A komik accurate recreation of the Sinag has been made with Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's permission. It is made out of hardened steel with polished brass components on a carved kamagong handle. So far, only one of this specific recreation exists and there are no plans to reproduce it for sale.[10]
  • Sinag's early depictions in the komik is known for it's jagged shaped blade, with the traditional wavy kris shape being incorporated in some close ups.