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Professor Enrique Trese, often going by Rick, is the second child of Anton Trese and Miranda Trese. He is a renowned professor of anthropology and sociology teaching at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

He has an extensive knowledge of folklore and supernatural creatures in the Philippines and uses it to assist his sister Alexandra Trese in her cases.

Creation and conception[]

Rick first appeared in The Baptism of Alexandra Trese, both in Miranda Trese's visions as well as in the fight at the Great Balete Tree.

Like all of Alexandra's brothers, Budjette Tan based Rick's name and personality on one of the four uncles that he grew up with.[1]

Character history[]

Early childhood[]

As the second eldest child of Anton Trese and Miranda Trese, Rick was foretold by the Seven Seers to "follow his grandfather's footsteps and become a teacher of history and antiquities."[2]

In their childhood, Alexandra and Rick used to exchange secret notes and doodles with each other on their grandfather Alexander Trese's journals.[3] He also often spent time in the Trese family library, going so far as to sleep there using books as pillows.[4]

Later in their lives, Alexandra and Rick continued to keep in contact by sending each other letters from time to time.[5] Occasionally, Alexandra would ask Rick for help with cases involving things beyond her knowledge.[3]

Great Balete Tree Trials[]

Rick, along with his family and his family's friends, grouped together to help defend the Great Balete Tree from the four rebel clans of aswang as Alexandra Trese went through the Great Balete Tree Trials on her 18th birthday. During this, his father Anton sacrificed his life to cast a protective spell around the tree, ending the battle in their favor.[2]


Rick tended to their grandfather Alexander Trese, who was confined to a wheelchair, while his brothers Carlos, Jimmy and Matthias went to the Underworld to pursue the fleeing aswang, Three years later, Alexandra emerged from the Great Balete Tree successfully completing the trials. Rick and Alexander explain everything that happened to her, and she immediately leaves to enact her new responsibilities as the Babaylan-Mandirigma of Manila.[2]

Rick made it his personal life goal to catalogue all the visions his mother made, keeping them in a book in the Trese family library.[4]

The Judge[]

Sometime later, Alexandra approached Rick for help in figuring out the identity of a superpowered individual that nearly killed Maliksi and singlehandedly collapsed Paradise World Casino. After Alexandra pointed out that the individual's battle-staff was covered with runes of an enkanto clan that worshipped Datu Makkata Runggan, Rick concluded that it is most likely the Datu's Scales.[3]

After the individual revealed to be The Judge was killed, Datu Runggan bestowed the Scales to Alexandra. She then gave them to Rick, letting him study the artifact before she gives it to the Metalero to forge into a new weapon.[3]

Barangay Pacifica[]

naRick went to Manila City Morgue, following a text from his brother Carlos Trese. In there, he helped Alexandra Trese, Captain Guerrero and Spunky Hontiveros analyze a creature's corpse as well as a few pills brought by Carlos earlier. He immediately recognized the body as a taga-dagat, correcting Spunky's identification as a siokoy. He also pointed out that although this taga-dagat had markings identifying it to be one of the clan's Navotas gangs, he was larger than what's expected of his species and had modified jaws and fangs akin to an aswang of the Mangahas clan from the North.[6]

Spunky relayed Carlos' information that the pills were what caused this modification, and Alexandra identified them as Shift Pills. Guerrero started enumerating cases where similar pills, known to the police as L2, had been seen around clubs the city and caused unusual deaths. Rick identified one case, where three women ran extremely fast into a wall all the way across the city, as being the result of humans getting tikbalang speed and being unable to control it. Upon closer inspection, he recognizes that there were sigils on the pills normally used by salamankero for transformation.[7]

Sometime later, he helped Alexandra heal Carlos, who was severely injured from a battle with taga-dagat. Aside from his wounds, Carlos was also severely poisoned as his blood was mixed with the substances from the taga-dagat, which included venom from sea snakes, sea urchins and jellyfish. To help Alexandra counteract the poison with her spell, Rick brought several herbs and tinctures used by the Badjao to counteract venomous creatures. The spell ended up being successful, and the three immediately have a meal after Carlos was healed. As Alexandra tried to find the source of the pills and Carlos gathered his squad to fight the taga-dagat, Rick studied the pills hoping to find out more information on it.[8]

After the defeat of Rakuda in Barangay Pacifica, Rick joined Carlos, Alexandra and his squad at The Diabolical, where they all had a celebratory meal together.[8]