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Ms. De La Rosa was the wife of Herbert Tomas and the current spirit labelled as the White Lady of Balete Drive.

Character history[]

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Her relationship with Herbert wasn't approved by her parents, so they eloped when she was three months pregnant. Herbert was distracted checking for her father in the rear view mirror when the white lady appeared. She impulsively steered the car away from the apparition, crashing it.

Herbert did not survive the crash, but she and her child did. At some point, she moved into a house along Balete Drive. After she gave birth, she saw the apparition again, and plotted her revenge. She asked around for methods to trap spirits, and eventually found her way to the Trident bar four months later. She got a bag of ground mermaid bones, trading it with her own son. Going back to Balete Drive, she trapped Gina Santos' spirit in a circle of ground mermaid bones. A car accidentally ran her over, killing her in the process.

She is eventually visited by Alexandra Trese and Captain Guerrero, where she is confronted about the murder of her child and Gina Santos. Trese and Guerrero leave after her confession, prioritizing getting a warrant. A fire starts after a storm destroys electric wires, burning her house while she is trapped inside. She is last seen at the corner of Balete Drive and 13th Street by Trese, where she takes the place of Gina Santos as the white lady.