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Miranda Melinda Trese was one of the Seven Seers and the mother of Alexandra Trese and her siblings.

Character history[]

Early life[]

During Professor Alexander Trese's travels around the country he met Seven Seers, one of them being Miranda, that had visions of the futures of Anton Trese's children. All their visions of the siblings were the same, with the exception of one: the Sixth Child of the Sixth Child. Among the Seven Seers, Miranda saw both the good and evil possible futures of the Sixth Child.[1] She was not aware of it at the time, but she was actually seeing her children's futures.[2]

In her college days, she solved various paranormal cases alongside fellow Seven Seers member Dante Blasco.[3]

Trese family[]

At some point she met Anton Trese after being saved from a killer that was murdering psychics.[2]

Miranda accompanied Anton Trese, Puti, and Alexander Trese to a patient's house. Puti was severely injured after he attacked a creature under the house's stairs. The patient, who was impervious to magical attacks, psychologically manifested wraiths that attacked them. Anton was blinded by the wraiths but Amang Paso, unaffected by the wraiths, guided them to safety.[4]

Miranda reading Alexandra a bedtime story

Anton and Miranda married, bearing the six children (Carlos, Enrique, Matthias, Jimmy, Sinag, Alexandra) of the Seven Seer's prophecies. Her fifth child, twin sister of Alexandra, died and was forged by the Metalero and the Babaylan of Makiling into a kris.[2]

Her son Jimmy often liked to wake up ahead of everyone else on Christmas morning and switch the contents of each present. Although his brothers were often confused and assumed it had been done by a duwende, Miranda would have one of her visions and see Jimmy pulling off the switch. Miranda often disagreed with her son's profession for thievery as well as his habit for smoking.[1]


Miranda observing Enrique

On Alexandra's eighth birthday, she read her daughter a bedtime story. That very night, it was implied that something happened to her due to the forces of the Underworld. Very little is known about her supposed death other than its brief mention in Alexandra's experience in Sidapa's movie theater.[5]

Unbeknownst to anybody, she haunts the family library as a spirit. At one time, she observed Enrique reading the book containing her visions.[4]