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Mark Gatela is an author known for his work on Personal Demons: An Alexandra Trese and Detective Andara Deviation Story with Brandie Tan.


He worked on Comics 101, a collaborative comic book made by him, Arnold Arre, Budjette Tan, Brandie Tan, Bow Guerrero, Gerry Alanguilan, and JB Tapia, in his college days.[1]

Arnold, Brandie, Budjette, Bow, JB and Mark went on to co-create Batch 72 in the early 90's.[2]

Mark and Budjette Tan wrote for The World of the Unknown, an anthology radio show featuring supernatural stories akin to The Twilight Zone. He is notable to have named the show's unseen narrator Anton Trese. Eventually, the radio station featuring the show closed down.[3]

Mark, Brandie, Budjette, Arnold Arre, JB, and Bow all co-created Batch 72 at somepoint in the early 90's.[4]

Mark, Budjette and Brandie worked on Payaso, a comic about a psychotic killer clown being hunted down by a detective named Michael Andara. Mark wanted to develop the story of Detective Andara and planned to put him in paranormal investigations around Metro Manila.[3]

On Brandie's birthday in 2002[5], he had dinner with Budjette, Brandie. Mark, and JB. In it, Budjette pitched a story which would later evolve into the Trese case At the Intersection of Balete and 13th Street.[6]

Brandie and Mark eventually brought Andara's character back in Personal Demons: An Alexandra Trese and Detective Andara Deviation Story, a Trese Deviation story published in Trese: Bloodlines Volume 1.