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Manila, officially called the City of Manila, is the capital of the Philippines and is its second most populous city. Located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay, the city is divided into the north and south sections by the Pasig River flowing in the middle.[1]



Binondo is a district in Manila and is referred to as the city's Chinatown. It is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594 by the Spaniards, and is the center of commerce and trade of Manila, where all types of business run by Filipino-Chinese thrive.[2]

The dragon clans in Binondo have set up their businesses and establishments along the lei lines of the city, taking advantage of the fortune brought by their energies. In doing so, they developed a sigil that accessed the lei lines, serving to transport them across great distances by traveling along them.[3]

In the early sixties, a heartbroken Santelmo set Binondo on fire for three days and three nights, which later came to be known as the Great Binondo Fire. With Alexander Trese's help, the fire was put out and the Santelmo was tamed. Because of Alexander's help, the Santelmo were indebted to his family.[3]

Alexandra Trese's search for the source of ground mermaid bones led her to an informant here.[4] Sometime later, she and the Kambal stopped a kidnapping ring in Ongpin led by manananggal.[5]


Ermita is a district in Manila, Philippines. Located at the central part of the city, the district is a significant center of finance, education, culture, and commerce. Ermita is considered Manila's civic center, having government institutions like the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice headquartered in the area. It is also home to famous tourist attractions and landmarks, notably Rizal Park (also known as Luneta Park), the premier national park of the Philippines.[6]

A kapre resides in Rizal Park that helped Anton Trese and Alexandra Trese in their search of Darago and Darranga.[7]

Decades later, a plant elemental named Supling wreaked havok in Rizal Park after Florabelle Campos' disappearance.[8]

In the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Aid, lawyers Herbert Bautista, Richard Gomez and Eddie Manzano helped legal cases and built their case against corrupt official Governor Sunny Romualdez. Datu Makkata Runggan is often seen busking outside the building, disguised as a blind musician singing and playing guitar. A bar named The Jury is located nearby and is bartended by a man named Rhoel.[9]

An aswang pretending to be a callgirl slaughtered three customers in one of Ermita's clubs. Alexandra and the Kambal took her down sometime later.[10]


Malate is a district in Manila and, together with Ermita, is also considered a center of Manila's commerce and tourism.[11]

Many different bars are located in Malate such as the Venom Room, bartended by Joedee and Gotham, bartended by Tonypet. On the day after Valentine's Day, Pamela was immolated by Beth in a bar called The Waiting Place. Because of this, the bar burned down and was reestablished some time later as the Black Rose Bar.[12]

Alexander Trese established the Diabolical here, starting it as a café that was reputed to have the best barako coffee in the city. Currently, it is being run by his granddaughter Alexandra Trese, who has turned it into a popular bar tended by Hank Sparrow.[13]

Malate is also where the residence of the Trese family is located. The residence, existing across several generations, is notable for the Trese family library.[14] The extensive library houses the written visions of the Seven Seers and is looked after by Professor Rick. Miranda Trese's spirit haunts the library, unbeknownst to everyone else.[15]

Hannibal Caparas killed over a dozen children, one of which was Mary-Anne Alvarez, in his bodega in Malate after they were forced to sing Christmas carols on video tape. He was later killed by Alexandra and the Kambal six blocks away after his neighbor's experience with the spirits of the dead children tipped them of his whereabouts.[16]

Ding Vargas killed Roberto Rodriguez in one of the bathroom stalls of the Diabolical in vengeance of his sister's rape.[13]

Manang Muning has been known to sell tinapa and daing in Malete Church.[17]

Manila South Cemetery[]

The Manila South Cemetery is a cemetery in Metro Manila. It is an exclave of San Andres, Manila surrounded by land under the jurisdiction of the city of Makati.[18]

This cemetery, 5 city blocks big, is the home of over 50 families. Living in make-shift houses, they make a living from selling services related to the cemetery. Demolitions are a constant looming threat, and it's residents are always wary of one. It is adjacent to Kalayaan Avenue, a road with a notorious police outpost. This outpost, previously headed by Gregorio Revilla, mostly takes in drunkards that make problems in the neighborhood, save for the occasional snatcher or hold-upper. The police here have a reputation of digging through the fresh rubble of demolition for any usable or pawnable items.[19]

Raul Lazaro used a Buhay na Bato to summon a massive horde of zombies from the graves of the cemetery to attack the police outpost at Kalayaan Avenue.


Paco, formerly known as Dilao, is a district of Manila, Philippines located south of the Pasig River, and San Miguel, west of Santa Ana, southwest of Pandacan, north of Malate, northwest of San Andres Bukid, and east of Ermita.[20]

Dr. Karl Burgos immolated Susan Bagyo as he had sex with her in her house near Julio Nakpil Street.[17]


Quiapo is a district of the city of Manila. Referred to as the "Old Downtown of Manila", Quiapo is home to the Quiapo Church, where the feast of the Black Nazarene is held with millions of people attending annually. Quiapo has also made a name for itself as a place for marketplace bargain hunting.[21]

Captain Guerrero has talked of an existing pack of manananggals in Quiapo, referring to them as "low-flying ladies."[22]

Alexandra Trese met with Aling Terrie in Quiapo Church during her search for the source of ground mermaid bones.[4]

Manang Muning has been seen setting up shop in Quiapo Church.[17]


Sampaloc is a district of Manila. It is referred to as the University Belt or simply called “U-Belt” for numerous colleges and universities are found within the district such as the University of Santo Tomas, the National University, the Far Eastern University, and the University of the East.[23]

The surrounding area is prone to flooding during strong rain, making travel during bad weather especially difficult. Because of this, Rakuda's taga-dagat also hunted discreetly in the area when it was flooded by Bagyon Yente's typhoon, which included Janjan Estrella's dormitory. In there, Carlos Trese killed Jzun Jzun and Big Beng.[24]

Unspecified locations[]

Manila City Morgue[]

The Manila City Morgue is known to take in corpses both human and supernatural. It is run by Spunky Hontiveros, known to document and report special and peculiar cases directly to Alexandra Trese.[25] A gang of ebwa, calag and wirwir raided the morgue for cadavers but were thwarted by Alexandra Trese, Maliksi and the Kambal.

Paradise World Casino[]

Paradise World Casino is the biggest casino in Metro Manila. Co-funded by Chinese investors from Macau, the casino is widely known to be a large investment for Governor Sunny Romualdez. The Judge attacked the building but was stopped by Alexandra Trese and the Kambal after Captain Guerrero predicted The Judge's appearance beforehand. In the aftermath of the battle, the building collapsed right after civilians were successfully evacuated. No casualties from the attack were reported.[26]

Though the location of Paradise World Casino is not specified in the series, its appearance is based on Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino on United Nations Avenue in Manila.[27]