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Manang Muning is the name of a vendor that has a psychic link to a vast network of cats throughout the city.

Character history[]

Manang Muning stays at her stalls in Malate Church[1] and Quiapo Church,[2] selling tinapa and daing to churchgoers and passerby. She also maintains her complex network of cats, taking care of them when she is able.

Alexandra Trese brought Susan Bagyo's cat to her in hopes of tracking down Dr. Karl Burgos. Manang Muning took the cats' first hand account of Karl's vehicle, confirming if she marked it with her urine. Manang then sent the information to multiple cats throughout the city in hopes of catching the scent. A cat named Percival responded, following the scent to Chancellor Hotel in Cubao.[1]

At some point, a cat from her network named Randi encountered tiyanak and successfully killed it with help from a house dog.[3]

While she was posted by her stall at Quiapo Church, Manang Muning used one of her cats to check on her relatives living in Barangay Pacifica, only to see the barangay being slaughtered by a lot of taga-dagat. Horrified by what she saw, she sent her cats to Genio Tower, asking them to camp on Alexandra's car to get her attention. Eventually, Alexandra went to her stall where Manang Muning explained the situation. Alarmed, Alexandra called her brother Carlos Trese to send him and his squad to fight the taga-dagat and save survivors in the barangay.[4]

She also managed to fend some taga-dagat away from survivors stranded on a roof, remotely controlling her cats to attack them. One cat was almost about to be eaten by a taga-dagat, but Maliksi saved them just in time.[5]


Her vast psychic abilities are only limited to cats, but her network more than compensates for it. She can comprehend the thoughts of cats as well as absorb their sensory information such as sight and sound. She can also telepathically convey this to the other cats in her network, granting her a level of omniscience, akin to that of a hive mind, throughout the city. Her sight is only limited to the territory that her cats can patrol.[1] Her cats are also relatively physically strong, having dealt with supernatural creatures like tiyanak, albeit with some help.[3]