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The main universe is where the events of the main Trese series and all canonical stories take place. This universe is subdivided into three realms, first mentioned and enumerated in The Baptism of Alexandra Trese, and are alluded to earlier as planes in The Tragic Case of Dr. Burgos.

There are also multiple other realms, as clarified in Trese: Book of Murders, that contain other creatures and alternate events that run parallel to the main Trese universe.

Balete trees are known to be natural conduits to the other realms, with the branches connecting to the Skyworld and the roots connecting to the Underworld. The Great Balete Tree is one known to connect to both realms into Terra Mundo.


The Underworld refers to the various physical levels of the plane that demons reside in and, in extension, the collective denizens of all of the Underworld species that live in the Underworld or on Terra Mundo. It is noted to have some sort of karmic sense of justice, seeking balance whenever something is taken away from it.[1]

Eldritch fire coming from the Underworld is noted to smell like brimstone.[2]

Terra Mundo[]

Terra Mundo is the physical place where humans as well as the descendants of species that originated from the Underworld reside.


Skyworld refers to the the various physical levels of the plane that beings like santelmo, lightning elementals and Adarna Warriors reside in. Very little is known about Skyworld outside of its inhabitants that descended unto Terra Mundo. The only geographical feature of Skyworld mentioned in the series is the Rock of Bathala.

In The Baptism of Alexandra Trese, an angel-like being appears shackled in Miranda Trese's vision of Alexandra Trese's possible future leading the Underworld in a siege conquering Skyworld. The angel bears a resemblance to Kaptan, a character in the Skyworld series.


Afterworld, also referred in the series as Progression[3], is the place where souls of the deceased go to after death.

Ibu's river is known to lead into the Afterworld. MRT Line 3's tracks follow the river's path and is used by the goddess' taga-sundo after midnight to ferry the souls of the dead.[4]


  • The concept of Earth, Underworld and Skyworld is also presented in The Soul Book, Budjette Tan's primary reference in creating Talagbusao.[5]