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Jimmy Trese is the fourth child of Anton Trese and Miranda Trese. He is a modern day gentleman thief, using a variety of artifacts to infiltrate spaces and steal valued items around the world.

Creation and conception[]

Jimmy first appeared in The Baptism of Alexandra Trese, both in Miranda Trese's visions as well as in the fight at the Great Balete Tree.

Like all of Alexandra's brothers, Budjette Tan based Jimmy's name and personality on one of the four uncles that he grew up with.[1] Budjette has also said that Jimmy was inspired by Lupin III as well as ninja characters that he grew up with as a child.[2][3]

While developing Jimmy's debut story, The Madrid Gig, Budjette chose to change perspective from the series' staple third person narrator to first person narration, saying that it was if "[Jimmy] demanded for his voice to be heard.[1] Kajo Baldisimo designed his appearance to be a meaner version of his father Anton, even going as far as to wear the same black camisa de chino.[4]

Character history[]

Early life[]

As the fourth eldest child of Anton Trese and Miranda Trese, Jimmy was foretold by the Seven Seers to become a thief, and that he would "go on a quest to find the holy and cursed weapons of old."[5]

Jimmy often liked to wake up ahead of his siblings on Christmas morning and switch the contents of each present. Although his brothers were often confused and assumed it had been done by a duwende, Miranda would have one of her visions and see Jimmy pulling off the switch. Miranda often disagreed with her son's profession for thievery as well as his habit for smoking.[6]

Great Balete Tree Trials[]

During the Great Balete Tree Trials, he joined his family and friends in defending the Great Balete Tree while his sister Alexandra Trese inside was taking the tests in becoming the new Mandirigma-Babaylan. It took three years for Alexandra to come back as Carlos, Matt, and Jimmy continued their battle with the remaining forces of the four aswang tribes in the Underworld.[5]


  • In the main series, Jimmy first used his yoyos in The Madrid Gig. However, he was first depicted with them in Kajo's piece Familia Trese as part of his 2013 The Night Gallery exhibit.
  • One of his aliases, Jimmy Chamba, translates to Lucky Jimmy.