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This page is about the character in the comic book series. For info on the TV Series, see Hank (TV Series).

Hank Sparrow, officially known as Hank the Bartender (sometimes stylized as Hank D' Bartender), is the trusted bartender of The Diabolical and a close ally of the Trese family.

Creation and conception[]

Hank first appeared in the Our Secret Constellation, the third published ashcan issue of the main Trese series.

Hank is based on Hank Palenzuela, the bassist of rock band Electrickool-aid and a previous bartender for The Verve Room. Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo met through Karen Kunawicz, Electrickool-aid's manager at the time and a mutual friend.[1]

During the development of the early issues of Trese they needed a bartender to tend to The Diabolical, the Trese family establishment. Early notes from Budjette shows that Hank was initially intended to be an enkanto[2], but this has yet to be elaborated on in the series. Eventually, the creators settled on setting Hank as their bartender, recalling his stories from his bartending days in the Verve Room as well as their personal experiences being served by him.[1]

The last name Sparrow is a reference to Palenzuela's cosplaying career, where he is most known for his Jack Sparrow cosplay as part of the Black Pearl Philippines.[1]

Character history[]

Early life[]

Hank has been shown to be helping the Trese family ever since Alexandra's childhood. He served as a cook for the family during this time.[3] He was also playing basketball with Alexandra, noted to team up with her and Bantay against a team of higante and eventually losing to them.[4]

Living with the Kambal[]

When the Kambal were brought into the family, Hank was initially unwelcoming. He told Alexandra Trese that he wanted to feed them rat poison.[3] Over time, he eventually grew to accept the Kambal as part of the family

In one of Miranda Trese's visions, he was shown defending the Diabolical with the Kambal against enemies that refused to honor The Agreements. He was wielding "Ama, Anak, At Espiritu Santo", a three barreled shotgun given to him by the Metalero.[5]

Assisting the Babaylan-Mandirigma[]

During Alexandra's adventures as the Babaylan-Mandirigma, Hank assists her as a close ally. He would often be tasked with coordinating the Diabolical's repairs[6], exterminating infestations[7], and occasionally even helping out in investigative research[8].

During Alexandra's investigation of suicide bombings, he was asked to go through Anton Trese's list of people that know Talagbusao's summoning spell. While doing this, he was gravely injured when one of Sancho Santamaria's suicide bombers went into the Diabolical and blew it up. Alexandra healed some of his major wounds with a healing spell, and he fully recovered some time after. After Alexandra defeated Talagbusao, they repaired the Diabolical.[9]

Barangay Pacifica[]

While Hank was cleaning up in The Diabolical, Carlos Trese arrived with a superpowered taga-dagat through a Dragon's Gate, both having ingested dragon's blood in some way. With Carlos incapacitated, Hank stepped in and used his three barrel shotgun to fend off the taga-dagat, shooting two of it's hands off and kicking it back into the Dragon's Gate. With the threat out of the way, he called Alexandra Trese and informed her of her brother's situation.[10] She and Rick Trese eventually came to heal Carlos, and Hank made a meal for them and the Kambal where they discussed their next course of action.[4]

He accompanied Carlos as part of his squad when they went to Barangay Pacifica to confront the waves of taga-dagat attacking the civilians. He drove Bantay, Metalero and Carlos on Dolph and Ting's boat while the couple swam by their side through the floods. Seepul scouted for survivors from the skies, bringing them to the boat. The boat eventually capsized after being pushed by taga-dagat from below, dumping Hank and everyone in the boat onto the water. Dolph and Ting helped them fend off the taga-dagat in the water, while Hank spotted a small roof to use as a platform to stand on. He helped the others onto the platform, where Seepul and a newly arrived Maliksibrought more survivors. After saving Maliksi from a taga-dagat about to attack him from behind, he helped hold off the taga-dagat from coming on to the platform by throwing some of his Bigatin special.[4]

The roof they're standing on was suddenly collapsed by taga-dagat, making everyone on it fall onto the water and severely injuring Metalero. Rakuda then gave an order for the taga-dagat to ingest a dosage of Shift Pills, transmogrificating them into stronger versions of themselves. Hank fended off the stronger taga-dagat with his shotgun while some child survivors hung onto his shoulders. Alexandra called him, and he immediately explained the awfulness of their situation. Not soon after the call ended, Alexandra arrived with the Kambal and Amang Paso, who commanded Boyet to serve as a temporary entrance to the duwende tunnels.[4]

Following Alexandra's instructions, he helped the survivors board the giant worms that got them to the temporary entrance to the tunnels. After Carlos and Alexandra injured Rakuda using the Sinag, Rakuda instructed the taga-dagat to take another dosage of Shift Pills, gravitating their bodies towards him to form a gigantic sea creature that started attacking Boyet. After Amang Paso's other laman lupa proved unsuccessful in defeating Rakuda, Carlos took initiative and led the others against an assault on the gigantic creature. He asked Alexandra to cast a spell to freeze Rakuda in place, and Hank and Bantay helped her find an opening through the attacking taga-dagat. Maliksi eventually stopped by them, helped attack the taga-dagat, and threw Alexandra far enough to reach Rakuda and cast the spell to freeze him in place.[4]

Carlos used a Dragon's Gate and killed the frozen Rakuda by cleaving his head from above. With the threat gone, Hank went to support a very weakened Metalero, holding him by the shoulders. At this point, Bagyon Yente revealed herself and her intentions to collect the 400 dead taga-dagat as an offering, done with permission from Datu Karagatan and the Madame. After the battle, Alexandra healed their injuries and helped them recover.[4]

The next day, Hank invited everyone from the battle to a hearty meal he cooked in The Diabolical, wanting to see them together again. As everyone talked about the squad's plans, Alexandra pulled Hank aside to ask where Bantay was. He explained that he was in the kitchen and offered to convince him to come out. Before he could finish his small talk with Bantay, Alexandra barged into the kitchen. Sensing the two had some catching up to do, he left and gave them space.[4]


He wields a triple-barrel shotgun made by the Metalero he calls "Ama, Anak, At Espiritu Santo". He is a competent marksman, able to provide cover fire for allies and stand his own during battle. He has also lent Alexandra shades that can see through glamour.[11]

As the bartender, he has access to a variety of concoctions that sometimes have uses in magicks:

  • BIgatin Special, a cocktail mix initially made for the higante clan's consumption. When lit as a Molotov cocktail, it acts as a powerful explosive.[12]
  • Eternal Winter Mix, a drink that once caused the entire Diabolical to freeze over.[11]


  • According to Budjette Tan, Hank's shotgun "Ama, Anak at Espiritu Santo" is nicknamed Trinidad.[13]