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Father Matthias Trese is the third child of Anton Trese and Miranda Trese. He operates as a clericus of the Hilasterion's St. George Division.

Creation and conception[]

Matt first appeared in The Baptism of Alexandra Trese, both in Miranda Trese's visions as well as in the fight at the Great Balete Tree. Like all of Alexandra's brothers, Budjette Tan based Matt's name and personality on one of the four uncles that he grew up with. The uncle Matt was based on was a martial arts practicing priest that often told a young Budjette of the exorcism rites he had heard other priests conduct.[1][2]

Character history[]

Early life[]

The Seven Seers had foreseen in their visions that the third child of Miranda's six children will become a "man of God and battle the demons of Hell."[3]

Great Balete Tree Trials[]

During the Great Balete Tree Trials, he joined his family and friends in defending the Great Balete Tree while his sister Alexandra Trese inside was taking the tests in becoming the new Mandirigma-Babaylan of Metro Manila. It took three years for Alexandra to come back as Matt, Carlos, and Jimmy continued their battle with the remaining forces of the four aswang tribes in the Underworld.[3]

Blasco family exorcism[]

Surdum infiltlration[]

Abilities and equipment[]

Matt is versatile in melee combat, mainly wielding a pair of tonfas that form two halves of a cross. He also has access to a plethora of various tools that help him in exorcising demons from people. These include:

  • An approximate recreation of the Song of Jericho on his phone. Demon possessed humans are expected to react when hearing the Song.
  • A flashlight shadowed by the Vade Retro Satana, a Latin phrase whose symbology assosiated with exorcism that is usually found on the back of a Saint Benedict medal. When the flashlight is shined on a demon possessed human, the subject is averted to the light.


  • Although Father Matt's name was based on one of Budjette's uncles, they both share a name with Saint Matthias, the thirteenth person to be one of Jesus' apostles after he was brought on to replace Judas Iscariot.
  • His epithet Magna Daemonium Venator is Latin for "great demon hunter."