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Captain Beau Guerrero is a captain of Precinto 13. In the main Trese series, he is known to call for Alexandra Trese's help when the police receive cases involving the supernatural.

He has been involved with the Trese family since his early days in service, helping the family maintain the balance between the Underworld and Terra Mundo.

Creation and conception[]

Captain Guerrero first appeared in the ashcan version of At the Intersection of Balete and 13th Street, the first issue of the main Trese series.

Guerrero was named after fellow comic book writer and illustrator Bow Guerrero. Budjette Tan pitched the concept of Trese to him and other komikero friends one night in 2002, which eventually shaped what would become the first issue of the series.[1] In Budjette's earlier notes, the character was considered to be named Gomez and had the rank of Sergeant Police Officer 1. [2]

Inspiration for the character's appearance initially came from Jaime Fabregas.[2] However, Kajo Baldisimo referenced Marlon Brando's apperance for Guerrero in the Ablaze editions.[3]

His first name was not mentioned in the series until The Plan of the Four Clans, which was published in Trese: Midnight Tribunal.

Character history[]

He has known the Trese family ever since Alexander Trese was still active, and was aware of their existence when the Diabolical was still a café run by the old man.[4] He has worked on numerous cases with Anton Trese, first meeting him while he was still a sergeant serving under Captain German.[5]

In 1977, he assisted Anton in a case involving duwende.[6]

When he rose rank to Captain, Sergeant Tapia served as his right hand man.[7]