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Bow Guerrero is an writer and illustrator known for his work on The Flying Phantom and The Dark Colony series.


He worked on Comics 101, a collaborative comic book made by him, Arnold Arre, Budjette Tan, Brandie Tan, Gerry Alanguilan, JB Tapia, and Mark Gatela, in his college days.[1]

Arnold, Brandie, Budjette, Bow, JB and Mark went on to co-create Batch 72 in the early 90's.[2]

Bow would work with JB on a 15 minute radio segment about mythical monsters around the world. This aired alongside The World of the Unknown and was ultimately cancelled when the radio station shut down.[3]

On Brandie's birthday in 2002[4], he had dinner with Budjette, Brandie. Mark, and JB. In it, Budjette pitched a story which would later evolve into the Trese case At the Intersection of Balete and 13th Street.[5]

He collaborated with Bow and Budjette in creating The Dark Colony books. with the first book Mikey Recio & The Secret of The Demon Dungeon published in 2013.[6]