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Balete Drive is a street in New Manila, Quezon City. It is named after the balete trees that line it's sides, making it a prime nexus between Terra Mundo and the Underworld. The White Lady of Balete Drive, through a psychic connection with this balete lined street, has haunted the street for generations.[1]

A particular nuno resides in a manhole on the intersection of Balete Drive and 13th Street. He helps Alexandra Trese with various cases through providing vital information and identifying unknown substances.[2]


Gina Santos died on the street while waiting for her lover, with her spirit taking on the mantle of the White Lady of Balete Drive. Alexander Trese had accidentally discovered a diwata living in one of the balete trees in an attempt to contact the white lady.[1]

At some point, Herbert Tomas and then-pregnant Ms. De La Rosa got into a car accident after encountering Gina's spirit. Herbert died, leaving De La Rosa along with their child. In an act of vengeance, De La Rosa traded her own child for ground mermaid bones. She used this to trap Gina's spirit in a circle, making her suffer a second death in another car accident.[2]

Soon after, Ms. De La Rosa died in a fire caused by a snapped electrical line. Her spirit would take Gina's place, haunting the very same corner.