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Bagyon Lektro was a lightning elemental and the previous head of the Bagyon Tribe. Through his alaga, Lorenzo Genio, he controls Genio Corporation and its subsidiaries, most notably Maharlika Electric Company. He is the father of Bagyon Kulimlim.

He served as a minor antagonist in Trese: Mass Murders.

Character history[]

Early years[]

Bagyon Lektro has held control of Genio Corporation, and Maharlika Electric Company by extension, ever since Alexandra Trese's infancy. Anton Trese brough the infant Alexandra to his office during a meeting between the two of them. It is implied that Lektro and Anton had an amicable relationship.[1]

Livewell Village[]

Alexandra returned to meet Lektro several years later, confronting him about a sigil found on the corpses of electrocuted people from Livewell Village. Lektro claimed no knowledge over these deaths but promised to deal with it internally. Alexandra threatened to deport and extradite him, reminding him that this qualifies as a sacrifice in the name of his elemental force. This insulted him, prompting him to compare Alexandra's respectability with her father's as she left his office.[1]

After the death of Kulimlim, he barged through the roof of the Diabolical, furious of Alexandra's involvement. He pointed out her hypocrisy of giving Señor Armanaz courtesy when Maliksi caused several road accidents but not treating his tribe the same way. Alexandra blamed it on his son's recklessness and justified her actions. Lektro left her, but not before promising that he and his tribe will not help her against a great enemy.[1]

Helping Talagbusao[]

While Lektron was playing golf, Alexandra asked for his help in fighting Talagbusao, who was thought to be possessing Sancho Santamaria and instigating riots inside New Bilibid Prison. She reminded him of Talagbusao's previous attacks at places of commerce, sending suicide bombers to Robertson Mall and Armanaz Tower, and that he might target utilities next. Rebuffing her warnings, Lektro told her that he will deal with any potential bombers himself.[2]

In secret, he chose to side with Talagbusao, helping Sancho outside New Bilibid Prison when he was overpowered by Alexandra and her allies. After Lektro struck down Iglap and dispelled Hannah and Ammie, Maliksi tried to fire arrows at him, specifically his eyes, under Alexandra's orders.[2]

He eventually knocked Maliksi down as masked figures like the Kambal open fire at him. Lektro zapped them with electricity to let Sancho reach for their hearts, but they reveal themselves to be lamang lupa and restrain Sancho. In frustration, Lektro went after Alexandra but is immediately dispelled when the real Kambal shot him in the eye.[2]


As a member of the Bagyon Tribe, he commands power over the storms and typhoons. He has superhuman strength, competent combat skills, lightning-fast speed that exceeds that of tikbalang as well as the ability to shoot lightning. His control of wind gives him flight and the ability to make contained tornados that can even dispel air elementals.


  • His name is an abbreviation of elektro, a word related to electricity.
  • Though Lorenzo Genio is stated as his familiar, humans with similar relationships to supernatural creatures in the series have been referred to as alaga.