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Amang Paso is a duwende and one of the oldest allies of the Trese family.

Character History[]

Early Years[]

Alexander Trese earned the favor of Amang Paso and his clan after helping them in their conflict with the black duwende of Tatang Lagim.[1] During his dealings with Alexander, he would accept Choc-nut as payment.[2]

Amang Paso accompanied Anton Trese, Miranda Trese, Puti, and Alexander Trese to a patient's house. Puti was severely injured after he attacked a creature under the house's stairs. The patient, who was impervious to magical attacks, psychologically manifested wraiths that attacked them. Anton was blinded by the wraiths but Amang Paso, unaffected by the wraiths, guided them to safety.[3]

The Fort Bonifacio Massacre[]

Anton and his daughter Alexandra Trese approached Amang Paso to ask for his help in identifying a wargod, which he did not recognize.[4] They later met him again near Quezon Memorial Shrine to ask for access to the duwende tunnels as well as his help. He was initially apprehensive, but ultimately gave in when he was bribed with Choc-nut.[5]

He accompanied Anton and Alexandra as they drove through the tunnels that opened up in General Hidalgo's house to allow them to ram their car straight into Talagbusao. During the fight, he helped the wounded Anton and the young Kambal escape through the duwende tunnels. His duwende tunnels were also used by Alexandra to trap Talagbusao, which ended his battle and banishing him temporarily from Terra Mundo.[5]

Talagbusao's stay in the tunnels caused significant damage, destroying half of the pathways and causing a major earthquake.[6]

Assisting the Babaylan-Mandirigma[]

On Alexandra's 18th birthday, Amang Paso was one of those that defended her during the Great Balete Tree Trials as the four rebelling clans of aswang tried to stop her.[7]

Several years later, Alexandra approached Amang Paso and his laman lupa Boyet for their help in identifying the source of a sigil. Amang Paso confirmed that it is not from the duwende, but Boyet told them that it could be either from the Tribe of Air or the Tribe of Lightning. Alexandra thanked them for their help, but asked a favor from them in case of a possible confrontation. Some time later, Alexandra called Amang Paso for his help in defeating Bagyon Kulimlim. Amang Paso and Boyet went to Livewell Village's substation to help using the duwende tunnels. As he distracted Kulimlim, Boyet snuck behind him and stabbed Sinag into his chest, destroying him. Kulimlim exploded and destroyed the substation, and Alexandra and the Kambal escaped through the duwende tunnels.[8]

Talagbusao's Return[]

Alexandra asked Amang Paso for access to the duwende tunnels to trap Talagbusao once again. The duwende refused even after being offered a mound of chocolates, citing the damage the wargod caused in his previous stay in the tunnels. As a compromise, he lent laman lupa to serve as a decoy Kambal and distract and restrain Sancho Santamaria.[6]

The Judge[]

Alexandra asked for Amang Paso and Boyet's help in investigating the identity of Maliksi's assailant. Using Boyet's abilities, they determined that the person in question either is or has the capabilities equivalent to that of a higante.[9]

At some point, Captain Guerrero helps Alexandra figure out that the assailant was The Judge. After a stakeout for The Judge in Paradise World Casino went awry, The Judge left the building to collapse over Alexandra and the Kambal. Luckily, Amang Paso saved them just in time, utilizing Boyet to protect them from the falling debris. Jokingly, he asks them for a whole box of Kit Kat.[10]

He later helped Alexandra spy on the three lawyers inside the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Aid, hiding on a bookshelf. He heard of their plot to finish Governor Sunny Romualdez off in his residence in Calamba and relayed this information to Crispin.[10]

Barangay Pacifica[]

Alexandra asked Amang Paso for help in getting to Barangay Pacifica as fast as possible. With most of the duwende tunnels flooded because of Bagyon Yente's typhoon, Amang Paso asked his laman lupa to dig a new path to the barangay for them. He then transported Alexandra and the Kambal through the newly dug tunnel with the use of giant worms. They eventually got to Barangay Pacifica, where he commanded Boyet to turn into an entrance into the tunnels for the survivors to go through.[11]

After Alexandra managed to let the survivors ride the giant worms into the tunnels, Rakuda told the other taga-dagat to take a second dosage of Shift Pills, gravitiating their flesh towards the leader and forming Rakuda into a gigantic creature. With his new form Rakuda started bashing Boyet, trying to get to the survivors. Seeing Boyet and the survivors in trouble, he closed the entrance and used his magicks to summon his two other laman lupa, Koji and Richard. After making them grow to match the size of Rakuda, they managed to momentarily keep him busy. However, Rakuda landed a few good punches into the two, making them collpase. Exhausted from expending spells, Amang Paso falls unconscious on Alexandra's palms.[11]

Even with Amang Paso out of the picture, Carlos managed to lead an assault on a superpowered Rakuda, having used another dosage of Shift Pills with the other taga-dagat to transform him into a gigantic creature, and killed him with the help of a Dragon's Gate. Bagyon Lektro arrived and revealed that she intended to take the 400 dead taga-dagat as an offering instead, with permission from Datu Karagatan and the Madame.[11]


Amang Paso has the capabilities of a normal duwende including control over his laman lupa Boyet, Koji and Richard. In addition to this, he also has access to the duwende tunnels, a complex underground network that allows him to entry to most locations by means of a fissure in the ground. This allows him to provide near instantaneous travel as well as an easy means of escape.


  • Paso directly translates into "flower pot" in Filipino.