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Professor Alexander Trese is the father of Anton Trese and a prominent paranormal investigator of his time.

Character History[]

Early years[]

The earliest dated mention of him is his participation in the Battle of Manila, a month long battle fought by the United States and the Philippines against Japanese troops invading the city in 1945. During it, he met the Green-Eyed Sister.[1]

At some point, he established the Diabolical[2] as a cafe in Malate, which earned the reputation of having the best barako coffee in town.[3]

During his adventures, he kept a journal of important things that he and his family have done. These include making accidental contact with a diwata in Balete Drive, setting up eldritch checkpoints to detect Buhay na Bato around the city, and stopping a brothel run by Oriol in Makati with the help of Captain German and his police.[4]

At some point Alexander attempted to study the activities of the Bangungot yet he failed to ascertain the exact process by which they picked the intended recipients of their 'aid'.[5]

At some point, The Agreements were established and codified in the Diabolical, setting it as neutral grounds for all creatures.[6]


In the 1950s, he helped stop the Great Binondo Fire by calming down a rampaging Santelmo. This earned the respect of the Santelmos, indebting them to help the family in their cases.

He also stayed with Señor Armanaz's tikbalang tribe in Bukidnon when they were discovered by a group of hunters. Armed with anting-anting that granted them invisibility, they successfully hunted the tikbalang for their body parts. The events later came to be known as the Bukidnon Massacre.[7] In response, he and the Trese family helped Armanaz in tracking the hunters, earning Armanaz's respect. Since then, the tikbalang have helped him and his family in implementing The Agreements.[4]

He also earned the respect of Amang Paso when he helped him and his clan fight the black duwende of Tatang Lagim.[4] In his dealings with Amang Paso, he often bribed him with local chocolates.[8]

Anton and Miranda[]

Anton and Alexander put a stop to the Theater of Doom, freeing a pair of female aswang that were forced to fight each other for show. The aswang bore theater masks that controlled their bloodlust, manifesting every time they were in battle. The aswang remained loyal to him, serving as his personal bodyguards. Eventually, the aswang died protecting Alexander from the Maligno Horde.[8]

Alexander travelled around the country in search of seven psychics that were making the same predictions of the future. One of those psychics was Miranda Trese.[9]

Alexander accompanied Anton, Miranda, Amang Paso and Puti when they visited Anton's patient. Puti attacked a creature below the stairs and got gravely injured. The patient psychologically manifested wraiths that attacked them, and were impervious to magical attacks. Amang Paso, unaffected by the wraiths, guided them to safety.[6]

Alexandra and the Kambal[]

Anton and Miranda eventually had six children that fulfilled the prophecies of the Seven Seers. The second child, Enrique, followed in Alexander's footsteps as a professor. The fifth child was stillborn when she was born with her sister, Alexandra Trese, who was named after Alexander. Alexander had the fastest tikbalang carry the child's body to the Metalero where, assisted by the Babaylan of Makiling, she was made into a kris named the Sinag.[9]

Alexander helped Alexandra train for her responsibilities as she was prophesied to be the next Babaylan-Mandirigma,. This included bringing her to Coach Gabriel, under which she sparred with the young Manuel.[10]

Alexander later used the masks to mitigate the Kambal's bloodlust, bonding it to them through a ritual.[8]

When Alexandra went inside the Great Balete Tree Trials to undergo the Great Balete Tree Trials on her eighteenth birthday, Alexander helped Anton and his sons defend the tree from four rebel clans of aswang. During the fight, Anton asked the Kambal to prioritize Alexander first instead of himself. As a last resort, Anton sacrificed himself to cast a protective spell around the Great Balete Tree, ending the fight.

Alexandra exited the tree three years later, where Alexander and his grandson Enrique Trese waited for her.[11]


In his middle aged years, he wore a fedora and a white suit while donning a pair of glasses and a thin mustache.[4] Currently, he is confined to a wheelchair.[9]